TO sell Africa to the world by celebrating Africa and Africans who are making positive impact on the socioeconomic growth of the continent in all fields of human endeavor, within Africa and across other continents of the globe.

To present to the world a more positive image of a continent with one of the world’s most promising potentials for investments, human capital, entrepreneurship and resilience in a dynamic and constantly evolving global landscape.

Promoting African enterprise through conferences, seminars and awards presentation to deserving individuals, organizations and corporate bodies that have contributed to the growth of the continent over the years, whether they are native Africans, Diaspora Africans or even people who are not of African origin or ancestry.

These events include; The Pan Africa Business Leadership Summit & Merit Awards; The West Africa SME Conference and Excellence Award; US – AFRICA International Women’s Day Conference & Excellence Awards; The Fashion & Life International Conference and Achievements Awards. The Pan Africa Film Forum.

These events which have been running since 2008, are dedicated platforms geared towards Africa’s growth by celebrating the continent and its champions as well as marketing Africa’s vast potentials to a world that knows little about the continent’s remarkable potentials for investment growth by more than 90% of the globe.

Instigating growth of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector of the continent, which form a larger sector of its strive towards economic stability.

To see Africa, Africans, Diaspora Africans and people of African Ancestry take their rightful place in the comity of nations, as opposed to the constant negative barrage of the continent by global platforms.

Africa is on the rise and the world must notice.