A Fruitful Business Forum bringing African and American Entrepreneurs Together in Las Vegas.


For most participants at this year’s summit, it was eye opening, informative and inspiring. Many got first hand insights into doing

business in Africa as well as promoting their businesses to Africa.

The morning session kicked off with the host Prince Ike Onwuka-Smarty’s (President Africa Informer) opening speech, which

directed at THE NEED TO RE-BRAND AFRICA. He noted that Africans continue to be the worst brand ambassadors for the

continent, by constantly projecting the worst images of Africa to the world.

“ Africans are the first to share fantastic real estate in Dubai or the latest 1000 miles per hour train China is planning to build in 5

years, but will not proudly share images of finer real estate in Africa or latest inventions by an African. Thus giving the world the

false image that the whole of Africa is riddled with poverty, yet of the 10 richest black people on earth at least 6 are African

entrepreneurs who have never had anything to do with government. Or you see them constantly sharing images of corruption,

scammers etc. yet in international index Asia and even parts of South America are worse”

Andre Serraile, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, gave an inspiring presentation on attitudes and motivation as

Foundations of success and presented his fast selling book “BEYOND SUCCESS”.

Edith Robinson, a global consultant with offices in Texas, Ghana and Nigeria, spoke on the fantastic real estate investment

Opportunities for Americans who want to invest in Ghana, especially with the window of citizenship extended to African

Americans in Ghana. She revealed her organization’s on going incentives for Americans with as low as 525 credit score being

qualified for mortgages in Ghana’s real estate market, for up to 10-20 years.

The star of the morning session was the great inventor, David Schmidt, founder of Life wave, whose nanotech stem cell products

are taking over the world. He gave out some display samples and some attendees who put on the stem cell patches confessed

To feeling energized within 2 hours of putting on the patches. Many attendees registered on the spot to have monthly supplies

And also distribute the products to earn money.

The Buffet Lunch

Participants were treated to sumptuous buffet lunch at the break after the morning session. Discussions continued at the lunch table